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Blogging vs. “Real” Life

questionWhy is blogging so hard when one is actually LIVING?  I’ve been so busy and dealing with multiple illnesses over the last year and a half – pneumonia twice last year, hurricane Matthew, evacuation, being ill again, shows; a new boyfriend on January 1, building a new and different life, working on updating the studio and getting photos ready for the store, painting again, then two hospitalizations, hurricane Irma, and sick again with bronchitis.  (Why am I always sick around hurricanes?)  – that blogging just fell through all the cracks.  All of this living happens, and it never gets recorded in any of my journals, and my blog sits empty, while everything happens.

Irregardless, I’ve fallen into the trap of so many others.  (As a matter of fact, one of the bloggers I follow just recently posted about it as well.  If I can find the link, I’ll throw it up here.)  I kept sitting and thinking, “I need to start blogging again.  I need to have a schedule, and think of really good topics, and get something going.”, and then I wouldn’t have time for all that, and the post would get put off till next week, and the week after that, and the week after that.  I kept falling down that elusive rabbit hole of expectation.  If I didn’t have something worthy of posting, then I shouldn’t post.  So the blog remained empty.


I realized today, that big, gaping emptiness was never going to be filled by thinking and planning; and only by doing.  It reminds me of a Buddhism story a friend told me many years ago – was it Oliver Rendellman?  He’s something of a business/thought mentor to me, and always has good stories! – it went something like this:

You are walking through the woods when you spot another person in front of you.  Suddenly – seemingly from out of nowhere – an arrow penetrates the forest and hits the person, who crumples into a heap before your eyes!  What do you do?  Do you stand there wondering where the arrow came from, why someone shot the man, and worrying about your own safety?  Or do you rush forward and bandage the man before he bleeds to death?

The point, of course, being that there is a time for reflection and a time for action, and the time for reflection is not when you or someone else is bleeding to death!  This blog has been hemorrhaging for long enough.  Time to get it moving again.


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