Tangles, Twists and Treasures

Romantic Jewelry and Fine Things

Tangles Closing. Focus on Jewelry and Fine Art Moving to Netjera.com

Many thanks to everyone who has been watching this page over the last couple of years, and many apologies for not keeping it current. Life has had a way of flattening me since I took Brenda Sue Landsdowne’s class in 2015. With the best of intentions, I wanted to take something I saw as an art, and turn it into a business, but the volume of pieces and the additional work surrounding them (bookkeeping, cogs, website maintenance) quickly outpaced me.

Instead of trying to maintain two separate sites for all of my artwork and blogging, I’m going to be consolidating into one site – http://www.netjera.com. I’ll be moving these pages there in the next couple of months, and closing this account. I’ll be discussing the move with B’Sue, regarding the blog hop redirection, and hopefully still be able to maintain a presence.

Please see my post there for more information, and thanks again for all of the support!

Tangles Closing. Moving to Netjera.com.


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