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Who Am I, and Why Do I Blog?

TestAs a person, asking me why I blog is sort of like asking me why I have skin. Blogging is a huge part of me because journaling is such a huge part of me because writing is such a tremendous part of me. Do we see a pattern here? I both do and do not keep a personal blog. When I write about personal feelings and bad days and upcoming events, and I record historical happenings, I tend to do all that in a hardbound journal where I can doodle, and while away the hours without paying much attention. When I blog, it’s usually with a purpose, so even my personal blog – which is all about living with Fibromyalgia – has a purpose.

If you’re asking me why I’m *here* – why *this* blog – why *now*? I’m not sure I have an answer to that yet. This is a business blog.  I started my business accidentally. It evolved out of all different kinds of things that I’ve explored, which have taken root in my heart. I know that I need a blog, but as a jeweler and artist, I’m not really sure what to *do* with it. Right now, it has no focus.

If I were a materials supplier, my blog could be full of featured products and tutorials, but as an artist, I don’t necessarily want to focus in that direction.  I’d really like to use this blog to distinguish my company and products.  I’m just not entirely sure how to do that.


Blogging 101 & Writing 101

TestSo I probably failed to mention – considering how busy I’ve become in the last month – that I’m working on improving the look and performance of my blog, and I’ve begun an online class through Blogging University to brush up on my writing basics (Writing 101) as well as improve my blogging skills (Blogging 101).  I may find that I don’t strictly *need* these classes, but I’d rather review the information and be sure, than think I’ve got it covered, and fail miserably.

Of course, I’m about 10 days behind the syllabus at the moment, because of having two events back-to-back in the first two weeks of the class, so expect multiple blog posts to power through the material.

My Experience with the Prince of Peace 34th Annual Craft Fair

TestI was really excited when I head about the Prince of Peace Craft Fair in Ormond Beach.  It has a long  history of success – this will be its 34th year! – and is fairly large, with over 50 vendors.  I felt that it would be a good fit for my growing business, and I had reason to believe I would do well there.  Unfortunately, from start-to-finish, this event was a complete fiasco.  It was poorly advertised, difficult to book and completely mismanaged.

It began in September.  A friend found the advertisement in the Penny Saver, and brought it to my attention.  I immediately emailed the included contact, trying to book a table.  After a week of waiting for an email response, I emailed again.  Another week passed.  This time, my only response was a few words, “Having trouble with email.  Call me.”  No number.  I was lucky I keep everything and still had the ad clipping.

I called the next day, and was informed that the event was booked, but that there was a waiting list.  There had been a cancellation, and the person ahead of me had already been given a table, so the organizer felt confident that I would be able to get a table.  She was also going to talk to them about adding more tables, so the chances would be better than 75%.  She would call me if something opened up.

I tentatively began to prepare for the event by laying in extra supplies, and creating more products.  I had another event the same week – The District VI Meeting for the Garden Club at Palm Coast.  (Review to follow.)  I knew it would be tight planning two events close together, but the Garden Club event was small and intimate – very different from the big event at Prince of Peace – so I felt fairly confident I could make pieces which overlapped both events, and I wouldn’t be too tired to manage them both.

I received the phone call the second week of October.  I was in!  I mailed in my check with just a week to go before the event, and started doubling up products, in preparation for what would be the biggest event I’d done.  I pulled many sleepless nights last week, and went to the Garden Club event on 2.5 hours of sleep, in order to have enough products for both.

Yesterday, I was informed – in a rather unprofessional manner – that the organizer had “overbooked the event” and didn’t “have a table for” me.  I invested so much time and money into products that I was flabbergasted.  Could she do this to me?  Keep me dangling on the hook and then cancel me last minute?  Whether it’s legal, or possible, she did.  I’m now waiting for my booth check to be returned, and I’m hoping I’ll receive it in a timely fashion – but considering the slipshod manner in which this event was handled, I’m really worried.

Now, I’m very torn.  I really thought this event, because of its size and longevity would be a winner.  Should I attempt to get into this event again next year, hoping that if I try early enough I can manage a table?  Or should I snub this event because of how I was treated?  I’m extremely disappointed in the organizer of this event, and the event in general, so I’m not sure what to do.

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